Print Technologies

Digital | Flexographic | Screen | Embellishments | Direct-to-Object

We take printing technology seriously. Our three core operations including digital, flexographic and screen printing offers our customers the ability to utilize our best technology to meet the demands of your project. Bottom-line, we can do it all.

Digital Printing

TLF GRAPHICS has invested in state-of-the-art digital technologies from industry leaders, Durst, HP(Hewlett Packard), Canon/Oce, Roland, Matan, Gerber Scientific, ABG International, Grafotronic and Spartanics.

When we choose Digital:

  • Extremely high quality, regardless of quantity
  • Color integrity and repeatability
  • Unlimited versions and variable data

Flexographic Printing

TLF GRAPHICS provides high-quality, large quantity flexographic printed labels. We print on films, foils, and papers, adhesive and non-adhesive materials.


When we choose Flexo:

  • High quality
  • Large volume printing
  • Limited versions

Screen Printing

TLF GRAPHICS provides high-quality, outdoor durable screen printed products including industrial labels, overlay panels and retail signage. We print on a variety of materials including rigid and flexible to deliver products for the most unique, complex and demanding applications.


When we choose Screen:

  • Outdoor durability
  • Rigid and thick substrates
  • Medium to large volumes


TLF Graphics is excited to announce the acquisition and installation of JetFX. This allows for multiple fully digital embellishments, with no tooling.

When we choose Embellishments:

  • Digital Foiling
  • Digital Tactile Screening (Raised Effects)
  • Spot Varnishing (Matte and Gloss)
  • Digital Holograms

Direct-to-Object Printing

TLF Graphics has partnered with Direct Color Systems®. DCS is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of direct-to-substrate UV LED inkjet printers.

When we choose Direct-to-Object:

  • Aluminum
  • Industrial Labeling and Panels
  • Braille ADA signage
  • Promotional – Golf balls, USB Sticks, Bottles, Cell Phone and Tablet Covers
  • Other difficult substrates where durability is important