Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

At TLF, we know how hard it can be to stand out in the Health and Beauty industry. We understand the need for timeless appeal with consistent branding that also remains up-to-date with current market trends.

Regardless of size and quantity needs, we work with our customers to create eye-catching labels to get you noticed on store shelves. From labels to direct print to retail signage, we tackle the industry’s ever-evolving demands so your unique product remains modern and memorable!

We have experience labeling the following Categories

Printing Capabilities

Digital Roll

Bring your amazing artwork to life on one of our high-quality digital roll presses. Capture your logo and branding with vivid colors and high resolution.

Our digital roll presses work at high speeds so you can expect a quick turnaround on label projects. With no films, plates, or dies to worry about, you have plenty of options and room for variety, too. We’re happy to do small, medium, and large runs.

Digital-Wide Format

Digital sheet fed printing is similar to screen printing, although it is more suited for small to medium-sized quantities. This printing is finished on sheets just as the name suggests.

Digital Direct-to-Object

Using UV LED inkjet printers, we can print directly on your bottle, can, or container.


Flexographic printing offers high-quality, large quantity labels that supplied on rolls, sheeted or fan-folded.

HP Mosaic Software

HP Mosaic Software is a technology that is able to print personalized products with images, text, and designs. It automatically generates up to millions of graphics from just a base number of patterns. Essentially, every label can have a slightly different look to it.

Advantages of Working with TLF Graphics

High-speed digital equipment for short & long runs

Extensive Printing Capabilities - including customizations

ISO 9001:2015 Certified company

Health & Beauty Categories

Bottles, Containers and Jars

Whether your container is a bottle of shampoo, a tube of concealer, or a jar of eye cream, you need your product to stand out. We have the ability to print labels for products to keep your branding bold, consistent, and shelf-worthy.

Retail Signage & Window Graphics

Increase awareness of your brand and promotions with proper signage everywhere customers look – on your windows, walls, and floors.

Environmental Sustainability

Now more than ever, we know our customers and their consumers alike value sustainability. That’s why at TLF, we do business with recyclability and waste reduction in mind. Here’s how we’re doing our part to make our world a healthier place:

Print on Responsibly-Sourced, Sustainable Media

  • TLF aims to print on the 1,500-plus sustainable paper media with environmental credentials (FSC-certified papers)
  • We print on compostable, biodegradable film where applicable

Digital Printing

  • Reduce Waste – Digital Printing eliminates many steps of the printing process and allows us to streamline production. With digital printing, plates and films are not used, reducing waste.
  • Digital on Demand Printing – Reduce inventory, eliminate obsolescence, and reduce costs

BOPP Films Certified for HDPE Recycling

  • Certified to comply with the Association of Plastic Recyclers Critical Guidance Protocol for HDPE recycling
  • Our BOPP portfolio is ever-expanding
  • Labels stay with the containers without impacting the recycling process

Enabling Recycling PET Bottles

  • CleanFlake ™ Adhesive Technology
  • Enables PET bottle-to-bottle recycling
  • Passes the highest form of testing available from the APR

Whatever market you’re in, we can help bring your brand to life with our quality, high-resolution labels and packaging. Feel free to call us with any questions or contact us for more information.