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Who We Are

121 Passionate Printologists

TLF Graphics is a specialty graphics company committed to producing high quality print products, under demanding timelines, through an integrated collaborative team approach.

Whether your mission is to decorate, inform, or warn, TLF Graphics offers advanced printing solutions to solve your most complicated challenges. Utilizing flexography, screen and digital production methods, we print on virtually any substrate such as films, foils, paper, plastics and pressure sensitive materials to meet your application requirements. With over 75 different printing and finishing devices, chances are we just might be that one stop shop you’ve been looking for.


TLF Graphics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our credentials speak for themselves. Employing a rigorous Quality Management System(QMS), we continuously satisfy audits of some of the largest manufacturers in the US and worldwide.

Lean Manufacturing

Reducing waste… improving delivery times.

TLF Graphics adopted the Lean Manufacturing model in 2007 to reduce waste and improve product delivery times. Never losing sight of the Lean Initiative, our goal is to increase the level of quality and maximize customer value.

Community Support

TLF Graphics is proud to support

Breast Cancer Coalition

The Advent House

Local Schools and Education

Thank A Printer

Valued Suppliers

Our Suppliers Help Us Provide Quality.

We can’t do it all ourselves. Just like our clients expect the best from us, we expect high quality and thorough knowledge from our trusted suppliers.

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